Stamp Vending Machine DoS

It makes sense for a stamp vending machine to have some limits and not print any amount of stamps or stamps of any value. The vending machines from the Deutsche Post are a little weird though:

You can only buy stamps worth 100 EUR at a time. Makes sense.

The maximum face value for a stamp is 36.75 EUR. Hmmm…

You can buy up to 100 stamps at a time, and the minimum face value is 1 cent. The poor machine will print worthless stamps for five minutes. The obvious question now is: What is the minimum amount of money that I have to invest to make it run out of paper.

12 thoughts on “Stamp Vending Machine DoS

  1. gm

    Now figure out what letter sizes are actually feasible to post because you can fit enough 1-cent stamps on them to cover the postage :)

  2. Darkstar

    Holy crap this is so funny that I seriously *have* to try that out…. I guess I would need an A3 envelope to fit all the 65 1ct stamps on it, but then again an envelope that size will cost extra postage… I’ll have to do some math beforehand :)


  3. DK2000

    Two weeks ago 2 stamp vending machines, each in a different City (Iserlohn / Hagen) wouldn’t accept coins (little errormsg in the top right corner – red with a very small font). Who is responsible for this?!? ^^

    And can you still crash the cashiers machine at Lidl?!?
    You could buy something for 0,25 Cent, but have brought back an empty plastic bottle (=25 Cent back). Result is 0 => crash! ^^

  4. hans

    MiaM/DK2000: They don’t crash. They just require a acknowledgment by a superior that this result is ok. Probably to prevent damage from unhonest cashiers.

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