A Lot of Security

I happened to drive through Cupertino, CA, USA last Wednesday and ended up in this situation:

Oh-oh, they got me. But they were not after me, they escorted two vans onto some company’s campus.

Five police cars, two police motorcycles, and lots of people with suits and sunglasses. For some reason, this outfit doesn’t have the same effect on me any more since “The Matrix”.

The people in the vans went into the building through a side door:

Here are some details:

A blonde woman in white, a woman with a red dress, a man in a brown uniform with a suitcase, and lots of more men in suits. The vans had license places from Maryland.

The question of today’s security puzzle is: Who is the very important person?

8 thoughts on “A Lot of Security

  1. Infrid


    i quoted “For some reason, this outfit doesn’t have the same effect on me any more since “The Matrix”.”

  2. Daniel

    Last time I saw something like that, I noticed a distinctive flag on one of the cars, and cross-checked it later against media reports. It was the Prime Minister of Turkey.

  3. Joe

    Um, considering there is a gigantic green “1″ and a sign that reads “1 infinite loop” it isn’t tough to deduce that it is Apple Computer. It was probably some shit head dignitary too good to wait in line at their local apple store for the new iphone gs like everyone else.


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