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Inside Macintosh Volumes I, II, III (PDF)

Here are all three volumes of the original 1985 edition of Inside Macintosh as a searchable PDF:

Inside Macintosh Volumes I, II, III
(1284 pages, 18 MB)

Inside Macintosh consists of three volumes. Volume I begins with the following information of general interest:

  • a “road map” to the software and the rest of the documentation
  • the user interface guidelines
  • an introduction to memory management (the least you need to know, with a complete discussion following in Volume II)
  • some general information for assembly-language programmers

It then describes the various parts of the User Interface Toolbox, the software in ROM that helps you implement the standard Macintosh user interface in your application. This is followed by descriptions of other, RAM-based software that’s similar in function to the User Interface Toolbox. (The software overview in the Road Map chapter gives further details.)

Volume II describes the Operating System, the software in ROM that does basic tasks such as input and output, memory management, and interrupt handling. As in Volume I, some functionally similar RAM-based software is then described.

Volume III discusses your program’s interface with the Finder and then describes the Macintosh 128K and 512K hardware. A comprehensive summary of all the software is provided, followed by some useful appendices and a glossary of all terms defined in Inside Macintosh.

I have been told that there are several people in Apple’s operating system kernel team today that are younger than the original Macintosh, therefore I see this as act of preserving retrocomputing documents; the times when someone cared about the copyright of this must have long been gone.

64'er 04/1984 (PDF)

I converted the first issue of the German Commodore 64 magazine 64’er into a searchable PDF:

64’er 04/1984

Here is a screenshot of the PDF in Mac OS X Preview:

Here are two sample pages, and details in the original size:

Yes, there is another project to digitize them, but it has very different goals. I was told that the publisher doesn’t have the paper archive any more. I do.

The pages have been reconstructed from 600 dpi scans by adjusting the curves of each of the four channels in the CMYK color space, OCRed using ABBYY FineReader, then the resulting PDF has been descreened in Adobe Acrobat by scaling it down to 150 dpi and compressed by converting the PDF images into JPEG.

Transactor November 1987: Volume 8, Issue 3 (PDF)

The other day, I found this at WeirdStuff:

Transactor November 1987: Volume 8, Issue 3

Click on the image above for the PDF. It is the original scan, but it is fully searchable in your favorite PDF reader, you can extract text, and the entries in the table of contents are hyperlinks.

I know Craig Bruce has scans online, but I find searchable PDFs a lot more useful than single images on a website. Search engines are even going to index this issue!

Some background: The pages have been downsampled to 196 dpi (which was the native resolution of the press) to get rid of MoirĂŠ patterns. The color pages have been converted into CMYK, and every channel’s curve has been adjusted to get rid of unwanted parts of the histogram. All images are JPEG compressed greyscale – while this is not optimal for printing (although you can scale the images up and then convert them to B/W with quite good results), it looks better than monochrome/G4 in most viewers, and works well with pages that combine text and graphics. I’m open to input on how to improve the quality or get the size down more.