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Tool's 'Rosetta Stoned' Live Performance to Include Apple I Schematic

It probably takes a geek in the front row (which is likely for a concert in San Francisco) to notice that the computer schematics Tool showed on the screens during their “Rosetta Stoned” performance are those of an Apple 1 – but distorted:

It’s easy to read the mirrored text “MICROPROCESSOR”, and if you pay close attention, you can read “6502″ – a classic 8 bit CPU which has been featured in pop culture before.

The clipping shown during ‘Rosetta Stoned’ has been mirrored horizontally, and its width has been doubled. Here is the original schematic:

The schematic was shown in the background video in Los Angeles (10 Dec 2007) and San Francisco (11 Dec 2007), but IIRC not in Frankfurt (28 Aug 2007; I think I would have noticed), so it seems to be new in Tool’s Fall 2007 Tour.

But I forgot my pen…