Monthly Archives: October 2010

For Lisa, the World Ended in 1995

If you try to set the clock in Lisa OS 3.1 to 2010, you’re out of luck:

You can only enter years from 1981 to 1995. That’s a span of 15 years – why? And what happens if the clock runs past the end of 1995?

Well, it wraps around to 1 Jan 1980.

But why does it not allow entering 1980 then? That’s why:

Whenever the clock is set to 1980, it thinks the clock is not set up properly. So it is a 4 bit counter. Too bad, a 5 bit counter could have made it into 2011, and we all know that’s way more than ever needed.

Standalone Commodore BASIC on the iPhone/iPad

You might remember the hassle about the Commodore 64 emulator in the iPhone App Store about a year ago: First it was approved, but then pulled again, because it allowed access to the C64’s BASIC – general-purpose interpreters were not allowed. After Apple relaxed this restriction, BASIC was added again.

So now it fills me with joy that Ahmad Hawwash managed to get standalone Commodore BASIC into the App Store! His “Hand BASIC – CBM Flavor” is free of charge, runs on iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, and is based on’s Open Source cbmbasic project, a recompiled version of the original Commodore 64 binary, so the BASIC interpreter is itself not interpreted, but runs natively and at full speed, which is in the order of 500 times faster than on a C64.

“Hand BASIC” has LOAD/SAVE support and comes with several demo programs – just type LOAD"$",8 and LIST to see them and LOAD"NAME",8 and RUN to run them. Type the (nonstandard/added) HIDE keyword to hide the keyboard.

What would be very interesting now:

  • Some cool BASIC programs that run in here – games, maybe?
  • A compiler backend that produces Commodore BASIC code, so I can run any code on the iPhone through this – with a 38911 byte RAM limitation, of course. (Actually, a program is free to set the TOPMEM pointer higher, allowing up to 62 KB of RAM for code and variables.)

Any other ideas? đŸ™‚