4 thoughts on “Michael Steil rocks”

  1. He really does. :-) “The Ultimate Commodore 64” Talk and “Deconstructing the Xbox Security System” are on my kitchen media computer and are often in heavy rotation :)

  2. Add this to your CV, it should give you extra points in an eventual Google interview: “By your algorithm, I rock.”

  3. I have seen “Deconstructing the Xbox Security System”, but I actually didn’t watch “he Ultimate Commodore 64” until today. That was a great talk that made me want to get into C64 democoding, or at the very least compile the Gameboy test code I have lying around to a demo. I still have a long way to go though. :p

    I noticed that in the video from 25C3, the “all uses for NOP” slide wasn’t shown. Are the slides available anywhere?

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