Final Cartridge III with GEOS

The Final Cartridge III is great: It comes with a disk speeder, BASIC extensions, an excellent monitor – and an impressive, but ultimately useless GUI, because there are practically no applications for it. Let’s replace the FC3 GUI with GEOS!

The source can be found here:

Here are the binaries:

  • fc3-geos.crt – boots into GEOS, hold the STOP key on RESET to boot into BASIC.
  • fc3-geos-basic.crt – boots into BASIC, use BASIC instruction DESKTOP to run GEOS.

The version of GEOS in the FC3 ROM includes the 1541 and joystick drivers. By changing the GEOS build options, other drivers can be selected. The ROM does not include the deskTop file manager, which has to be read from disk.

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