The Ultimate Game Boy Talk [slides]

The Game Boy is turning 30. To celebrate this, I’m releasing the slides of my “Ultimate Game Boy Talk”, which you may use freely. (Please give credit & point me to derived content.)

The presentation consists of 217 slides and 745 builds steps. I might write an article at some point about the ways I abused Keynote.

Here is the original Apple Keynote presentation file:

Game Boy 33c3.key (218 MB)

The web-based version of Keynote can be used free of charge at If you prefer not to use Keynote, here are PowerPoint and PDF versions:

(The PowerPoint version has been converted from the Keynote file and has some issues.)

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here is the video of the presentation:

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Game Boy Talk [slides]”

  1. Thanks for sharing the awesome slides, Michael! I recenlty started to look into Game boy programming and your video explains everything so clearly! Thank you very much.

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