Tynemouth Minstrel ZX80 Clone Kit

I have previously shown an unassembled Sinclair ZX81 Kit that could be bought in the early 80s. Today, it is possible to buy a clone of the ZX80 from Tynemouth Software. Here are some pictures.

The PCB. The ZX80 and the ZX81 are very similar. The basic difference is that the ZX81 had the 74 chips combined into the ULA chip. This clone uses off-the-shelf components, and therefore the old ZX80 design with the individual 74s.

The ICs and the sockets. ROM, RAM, CPU, and lots of 74s.

They board comes with the sockets already placed.

The other components, mounting pillars and feet.

It doesn’t come with a case, but it can be mounted onto this baseplate instead.

The ZX81-style membrane keyboard. (There is also an option for a keyboard with switches.)

And ZX80 style keyboard overlays.

The power supply and the cables.

Assembly instructions. Includes schematics. (0.6 MB)

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  1. I wonder if the name is a reference to the Batman TV series episode where a villain named “The Minstrel” tried to conquer Gotham City by hacking the computers at the stock exchange.


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