The Easter Egg in the “Schrott-Tornado” at the Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum in Munich (Germany) has a new art installation as part of the reopened Electronics exhibition: The “Schrott-Tornado”, a tornado-shaped sculpture made from scrap electronics. There is (at least) one item in it that is most definitely not trash.

Here is a picture of the full sculpture:

Let’s zoom into the interesting part:

And this is a high-res photo of the detail. You might recognize it.

And now look closely at what’s written on the cartridge port shield.

Related: Here’s the Schrott-Tornado Making-Of video:

4 thoughts on “The Easter Egg in the “Schrott-Tornado” at the Deutsches Museum”

  1. Oh dear!! Do they know how rare SID chips are and what’s the cost of them??? Unbelievable!


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