Murdlok: A new old adventure game for the C64

Murdlok is a previously unreleased graphical text-based adventure game for the Commodore 64 written in 1986 by Peter Hempel. A German and an English version exist.

Murdlok – Ein Abenteuer von Peter Hempel

Befreie das Land von dem bösen Murdlok. Nur Nachdenken und kein Leichtsinn führen zum Ziel.


(Originalversion von 1986)

Murdlok – An Adventure by Peter Hempel

Liberate the land from the evil Murdlok! Reflection, not recklessness will guide you to your goal!


(English translation by Lisa Brodner and Michael Steil, 2018)

The great thing about a new game is that no walkthroughs exist yet! Feel free to use the comments section of this post to discuss how to solve the game. Extra points for the shortest solution – ours is 236 steps!

7 thoughts on “Murdlok: A new old adventure game for the C64”

  1. Thank you for the translation. 🙂 What can you tell us about Peter Hempel? Where was this game hiding for the past 32 years?

  2. Thanks for publishing this game! Considering how bad I am with these old text adventures, I am making some progress with it 🙂

    Now I have the glass panel, green bottle (empty, so I guess I have to find water for it) and spade. My current problems are some blazing flames in a cave, a dark grotto, a locked gate and some weird hollow stump with a rat. Anyone managed to go further than me?

  3. I found an oil lamp, and a mysterious sword in granite! But I think it’s going to get harder to proceed from now on… Does anybody know how to continue?

    • It’s written in BASIC, so the source is on disk. That’s how we created the English translation.



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