Final Cartridge III Monitor for the TED

In my quest to make the C16 more usable, i.e. more like the environment I’m used to, i.e. a C64 with a Final Cartridge III, I’ve ported the Final Cartridge III monitor to the TED series (C16, C116, Plus/4).

I have reverse-engineered the interesting parts of the FC3 ROM before:

The code in the repository now also allows building the monitor standalone for the TED series:

make clean MACHINE=ted PROJECT=monitor monitor.prg

The resulting file is located at $4000 in RAM and can be started with

sys 16384

At the default address of $4000, it requires a memory extension on a C16/C116. By editing the key STARTADDRESS in projects/monitor/monitor.cfg, any address can be selected.

Here are some of the unique FC3 monitor features:

  • Moving the cursor past the first or last line of the screen will continue dumps and disassemblies. It will even disassemble backwards. F3/F5 will also scroll up and down.
  • The O command switches banks (TED: 0 = BASIC + KERNAL, F = all RAM). OD switches to disk drive memory.
  • The I command prints a CBM-ASCII-encoded memory dump.
  • *R tt ss aa and *W tt ss aa read and write a disk block.

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