Ultimate Commodore 64 BASIC & KERNAL ROM Disassembly

My side-by-side C64 ROM disassembly/commentary page has been completely redone!


New features:

  • Six different commentaries
    • Original BASIC/KERNAL source comments
    • Data Becker
    • Lee Davison
    • Bob Sander-Cederlof
    • Magnus Nyman
    • Marko Mäkelä
  • Columns can be invidually enabled/disabled
  • Sticky first column
  • Color coding
  • New name: c64disasm

Thanks to @ellduin for the HTML/CSS magic!

The project is maintained on GitHub: https://www.github.com/mist64/c64disasm/ – contributions highly welcome.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Commodore 64 BASIC & KERNAL ROM Disassembly”

  1. Wow, many thanks for the effort!

    Besides, there is one mysterious thing in the C64 kernal that I could never figure out, and which isn’t explained in any of the source listings: Why is VIC register 22 initialized upon reset (thus switching to 38 columns)? And why is this done with the leftover X value of the autostart check?

  2. Thanks! This was quite useful to me when reverse-engineering some details of how the 6526 CIA works.


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