Commodore 264 Series Preliminary Users Manual [PDF]

This is the previously unpublished “Commodore 264 Series Preliminary Users Manual”, a prerelease version of the manual of what came to be the Commodore Plus/4.

Commodore 264 Series Preliminary Users Manual

(166 pages, 4.6 MB)

The copy this was scanned from contains some handwritten nodes:

  • p.105: HEADER “MYDISK”,D0,I23 [HEADER)
  • p.107: increment > 0; checks new numbers ascend correctly [RENUMBER]
  • p.110: Clears reserved variables, too [CLR]
  • p.122: “S” crossed out in “TESTS” (typo)
  • p.123: Doesn’t work if ER<0 i.e. no error or CLR; Clears ER [RESUME]
  • p.124: Do does CLR; i.e. exit from error routine, but not if CLR has cleared ER [TRAP]
  • p.125 – needs quotes [DEC]
  • p.126: RGR(n) [RGR]

The release version, the Plus/4 Users Manual, has been updated significantly and is missing chapter 8 (“BASIC Tricks”) from the 264 version.

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