Ultimate C64 KERNAL API Reference

The Ultimate C64 Reference is growing again: This time, we’re adding the KERNAL API reference – as always, in eleven different versions side-by-side.

These are the references that have been adapted for this:

You can enable and disable columns by clicking the checkboxes next to the sources, and you can expand/collapse all details with the corresponding button above the table.

Here are four different expanded explanations of the SCNKEY call ($FF9F):

As you can see, KERNAL API symbols as well as zeropage/variable symbols and addresses are cross-referenced and link to the respective description.

Like all web pages of the Ultimate C64 Reference, this table is generated from independent formatted ASCII files. In the case of the KERNAL API, these files look like this:

It consists of three columns: the address in hex, the symbol name and the description in MarkDown format.

The Ultimate C64 Reference is being developed as an open source project at github.com/mist64/c64ref – contributions in the form of additions, corrections etc. are welcome!

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  1. Some of the examples from the Programmers Ref are wrong, would it not be better to fix them?

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