23 thoughts on “Reverse Engineering the MOS 6502 CPU [video]

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  2. kode80

    I cut my early coding teeth on the Z80 (gameboy + gameboy color) and always looked on to the 6502 but never got the chance. This was a fascinating presentation thank you!

  3. Boris

    Great talk, great work on the good old 6502!

    I programmed the 6502 in my Apple ][ when I was young and it was a lot of fun. In these days I was able to write down machine code in hex, no need for an assembler.
    I also played around with illegal opcode at this time, but not in a serious matter.

  4. Bryan

    It was a fascinating talk, some of it is a bit hard to grasp but you did a good job of going back and explaining things more clearly.

    Remarkable how complex CPU’s are, even earlier designs, a lot of complex design.. timing and math.

    I don’t think people realize just how amazing it is, especially considering most people have a supercomputer in their pocket (..cell phones, PDA’s, hell.. even their watches).

    Great work.

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  6. nossralf

    This was a great talk. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks.

    I got such a huge kick out of hearing what sounded like “basically you simulate all of physics” delivered deadpan with a German accent. For some reason I found that hilarious. Anyway…

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  11. Thomas Tempelmann

    Just saw the Atari Lynx mentioned in it. Still have such a unit in my drawer, and it still works. I only played a single game on it: Chip’s Challenge. And for that you _needed_ a good joystick – I couldn’t handle the Lynx’s internal control pad, so I added a DB9 (?) joystick connector to it so that I could use a proper joystick with it. I still remember the blip playing sounds it makes. BTW, later I helped porting Oxyd to the Mac+Amiga, which was kind of similar in its play. Oh, the joy of those old 8 bit games…

  12. Andrzej

    Hi, there is any chance to make public sources (maybe on github) your perfect6502 simulator? Would be really great! Thx for great presentation, amazing stuff.

  13. Shubham Ji

    I had assembled before 20 years a MP-6502 microcomputer. Now I have lost OR sold it by mistake.
    Now I am uploading videos on YouTube. Would you like to see ?
    If yes, I will be happy to see you inside of youtube’s above website.
    Thanks and sorry for inconvenience (if any).


  14. Jon

    All of the embedded videos do not play and when I click on them, they say they are private.
    the videi that is in a separate link does play at least.


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