19 thoughts on “The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk [video]”

  1. Great Talk! Some interesting things in there which I didn’t know about (and I have a long history with the C64), and finally a detailled introduction to the FLI mode.

    I, too, hope to see some similar in-depth introductions to other systems like the Amiga, Atari or even the IBM PC next year. Although I do think that I know a lot about the PC at least, your talk showed me that there’s always many new things to learn.


  2. @sa: If an application draws a dialog box over the main application screen, GEOS saves the original rectangle onto the second screen and restores it when the dialog is closed. This way, the application doesn’t have to handle “window damage”. More info here: http://www.zimmers.net/geos/docs/geotech.txt

  3. Very interesting speech, brings back alot of memories of both my childhood and what got me started with computers.

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