Fully Commented Commodore 64 BASIC ROM Disassembly – based on Microsoft’s Source

On my quest of collecting as many commentaries on the Commodore 64 ROM at pagetable.com/c64rom, we have gathered Lee Davison’s excellent commentary, the German de facto standard by Data Becker, and an adaptation of Bob Sander-Cederlof’s Apple II ROM commentary, all in the same cross-referenced HTML format.

Now that Microsoft’s original source of MOS 6502 BASIC is available, I’ve added it as the fourth commented disassembly, with the standard disassembly on the left, and the original source, both assembly and comments, lined up correctly on the right:

As always, the HTML version is available at pagetable.com/c64rom, while the raw txt files are maintained at github.com/mist64/c64disasm.

While this may be the best set of comments for the BASIC part, we’re not done yet! There are many more (either direct or indirect) commentaries on the C64 ROM in existence:

Please contribute to our collection by helping convert one or more of these sources into the common format! Send me an email if you are interested!

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