Fully Commented Commodore 64 BASIC ROM Disassembly – based on Applesoft!

In our series about C64 ROM commentaries (English version by Lee Davison, German version by Data Becker), I’m now presenting a most unusual C64 ROM commentary – based on a commented disassembly of the Apple II ROM.

S-C DocuMentor for Applesoft” is a commented disassembly of the BASIC ROM of the Apple II computer. Like Commodore BASIC, “Applesoft” BASIC is based on Microsoft BASIC for 6502, but on an older revision. Since the two BASIC interpreters are almost the same instruction for instruction (modulo some command extensions on both sides), the commentary translated over very nicely.

The cross-referenced HTML version of the “S-C C64 BASIC Disassembly” is available here at pagetable.com/c64rom.

The raw txt files of all commentaries are maintained at github.com/mist64/c64rom. Fixes and additions happily accepted!

22 thoughts on “Fully Commented Commodore 64 BASIC ROM Disassembly – based on Applesoft!

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