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  1. Thanks for – as usual – excellent job! There seem to be a small problem with the title of that archive page:
    “INPUT 64 – Das elektronische Magazin (Gesamtarchiv)” – please note the most probably invalid charset characters after the “64”. Regards, silverdr

  2. This is lovely! This was probably the most high quality computing magazine in the entire world at the time. I remember I got the INPUT-Ass Macro Assembler and the LISP64 system all in the same issue back in 1986. These were super high quality and got me hooked with LISP and the INPUT-Ass wasn’t just my standard Assembler that I used ever since, it’s editor (remember CTRL-k sequences?) was so powerful that I used it as my standard text editor. And it got me all ready to adopt emacs when I moved to an 80286 PC and soon 386bsd UNIX. There was no stopping my career from then on. It is just amazing to have these vast libraries available today for the C64 (and possibly easily ported to the new Commander X16 hardware that will come out soon.)

  3. Great work, well done! Thank you for sharing. I remember browsing through those magazines at supermarket newsstands because they were not affordable from my pocket money budget back in the day (as well as a disk drive wasn’t).

    I’ve completetd my C64 computing environment mid 90ties getting accessories at flea markets.

    Which scanner, postprocessing and OCR SW settings have you used to archive this excellent final quality @ this small file size?

    • * I took the clips out
      * scanned the A4-like sheets with a ScanSnap iX500 into a 1200 dpi b/w PDF
      * used shell scripts and ImageMagick to cut and reorder the pages
      * used Affinity Photo to retouch all pages (removed the clip holes etc.)
      * scaled the pages to 600 dpi and combined them into a PDF using ImageMagick
      * for OCR, I used FileReader OCR Pro on macOS (rotation turned off, German, English and BASIC as languages) and saved it as PDF/A.

      The title pages were scanned with a flatbed scanner at 1200 dpi, color corrected and scaled down to 150 dpi.

      I’m happy to share my raw/work data. It’s about 14 GB. Just contact me.

  4. Hi Michael.
    the first one 1/85 is not working.
    sounds like something is missing at the beginning of the file. The long-lasting high tone maybe?
    I`ve tried it in Vice on Windows and copied it on tape to try it on original hardware.
    Both not working.
    The 2/85 is still fine.


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