Fully Commented Commodore 64 ROM Disassembly (German)

Whenever I need to look up some code in the ROM of the Commodore 64, I have the choice of the commented disassembly by Marko Mäkelä, the one by Ninja/The Dreams, or the one by Lee Davison – or I can just use my paper copy of “Das neue Commodore-64-intern-Buch“, an excellent line-by-line commentary in German.

That’s why I scanned, OCRed, cleaned up and cross-referenced it.

The raw txt file is maintained at github.com/mist64/c64disasm. Corrections, additions and translations welcome.

The cross-referenced HTML version is available here at pagetable.com/c64rom.

4 thoughts on “Fully Commented Commodore 64 ROM Disassembly (German)”

  1. Thank you for all the work. I’m curious as to the legal stituation — I know Data Becker ceased operations this year, but what is the status of the copyright which I assume still belongs to Said Baloui? Sorry if I missed a note on this, I didn’t see anything in the README file. Thanks again!

  2. @Scot: This is hardly a precedent. Back in 1995, the C64 community decided that it was morally okay to digitally share out-of-print books on the topic, since the original authors were most unlikely to gain any more monetary benefit from their works, but the C64 scene was still alive and could greatly benefit from the information. http://project64.c64.org/

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