The Ultimate Apollo Guidance Computer Talk @ 34C3

After The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk (2008) and The Ultimate Game Boy Talk (2016), my third talk from the “Ultimate” series will take place at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress at Leipzig (27-30 Dec 2017):

The Apollo Guidance Computer (“AGC”) was used onboard the Apollo spacecraft to support the Apollo moon landings between 1969 and 1972. This talk explains “everything about the AGC”, including its quirky but clever hardware design, its revolutionary OS, and how its software allowed humans to reach and explore the moon. 

The talk will be presented by me (Michael Steil) and hessi. Date and time are subject to final scheduling. I will post updates as well as further information about the Apollo Guidance Computer on this blog in the next weeks.

You can read a more detailed abstract and vote on the talks on the 34C3 scheduling page.

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Apollo Guidance Computer Talk @ 34C3”

  1. This is great! I very much liked your previous ‘ultimate’ talks and as an Apollo and AGC fan who’s read Frank O’Brian’s AGC book twice over the years and having been stunned by accounts of those building a Block I in their basement I am very much looking forward to how your are going to present everything from the hardware to the ‘Interpreter’ to multitasking to mission programs in 60 minutes. I’m sure it’s going to be great! See you at Congress, Martin

  2. How good was that talk!!!!
    Great mix of info and humor and very impressive that you boiled it down to that timeframe.
    Very likely the only talk I am going to rewatch on reduced speed.
    Please keep that SNES talk in mind, that so many are still hoping for!
    Great work!!! Thanks

  3. I just watched this on YouTube and all I can say is: awesome!!!! Thanks to everyone involved. Incredible amount of detail packed in just one hour.


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