Amiga/Lorraine Mugs

Every touristy place has them: Souvenirs with given names on them. If you have an uncommon name, or a friend with an uncommon name, you might look through the whole collection – and notice that they have generic ones like “#1 FRIEND” (i case you really don’t find your friend’s name), and, sometimes, generic ones in Spanish.

Who can resist a Las Vegas souvenir mug with “AMIGA” on it? Especially if you can get “AMIGA” and “LORRAINE” together at twice the price?

Note to self: I travel too much.

One thought on “Amiga/Lorraine Mugs

  1. Merijn

    I named our cat Amiga because it means (girl)friend in Spanish, and after about 10 seconds my wife realized it was also something geeky đŸ™‚

    Nice mugs indeed.


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