More Original Commodore Source Code

There have been a few new interesting additions to the Commodore Source Code repository, including:

  • RAMDOS: An RAM disk implementation of Commodore DOS that runs on the computer side and stores the data in a REU. It supports most of the Commodore DOS API including relative files.
  • 1570: Commodore sold a single-side stripped down 1571-derivative for a while.
  • 1571CR: The cost-reduced 1571 with the integrated 5710 I/O and FDC controller.
  • 1551: The odd one, with the one-off TCBM bus. The source is odd too, because all filenames have been renamed to three characters.
  • 1541: Three original versions of the 1541 DOS source. (This amends my previous reconstructions from the 1540 and 1571 sources.)

I am planning to add more source. I’m happy for any pointers.

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