Commodore Plus/4, C116, C16 (TED) Technical Documents

The Commodore Plus/4, the C16 and the C116 from 1984 were members of the 6502-based “TED” series, named after the 7360 TED (“Text Editing Device”) video controller. The TED systems were basically the low-cost cousins of the C64: The overall system architecture and the video chip are very similar to the C64’s, but they lack certain features like hardware sprites. On the other hand, there are some added features like extra colors and more control over the internal timing of the video chip.

In the Commodore archive at, there is a collection of GIF images that are scans of the some very interesting technical documents on the TED series, originally provided by Tibor Biczo and published by William Levak and Marko Mäkelä. I sorted the pages and converted them into searchable PDFs that are much nicer to look at:

“TED System Hardware Manual&#8221

(PDF, 48 pages, 7.6 MB)

“TED 7360R0 Preliminary Data Sheet&#8221 (Apr 1983)

(PDF, 23 pages, 5.8 MB)

“TED Extra Pages&#8221

(PDF, 5 pages, 1.4 MB)

The “Extra Pages” contain a map of the circuit board, a Plus/4 memory map in German, a TED register map, and a German version of section 4.5.2 of the TED System Hardware Manual.

“Service Manual Model Plus 4 Computer.pdf&#8221 (Oct 1984, PN-314001-04)

(PDF, 25 pages, 4.9 MB)

The service manual is also taken from

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  1. I am unable to download the Service Manual link. I believe the forward slash in the URL may be confusing things.

  2. Thanks for putting these up.
    I feel an arduinoTED sound project coming on.

    “I am NOT a circuit-bender!”

    Why must circuit-benders make great old devices look like sh*t! If I had the money I’d buy them connectors and some ribbon cable! These t*ts need to RTFM!

    Soz, Rant over.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi,

    I really like the PDF you did for the TED Hardware, it was very strange to see my handwriting and drawings after so many years. Lol.. I had one of those moments where I wondered “where the heck did this come from” until I

    Would it be possible to snag a copy of the pdf for my site with giving you credit and a link for your hard work in converting to PDF? I never attempted to open any of the images available of the manual until your pdf, much more accessible that way.

    Again thanks much for your contribution either way,

    Bil Herd

  4. I love this machine since I got my first C16 Dec 1985!
    I collect any informations I´m able to pick up.
    My Plus/4 experienced lots of developments:
    built in Eprommer
    16 MegByte SRAM, ADC, DAC
    bidirectional data transfer to IBM machines
    and lots more features.
    Best machine ever!
    6502 for ever!

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