64'er 04/1984 (PDF)

I converted the first issue of the German Commodore 64 magazine 64′er into a searchable PDF:

64′er 04/1984

Here is a screenshot of the PDF in Mac OS X Preview:

Here are two sample pages, and details in the original size:

Yes, there is another project to digitize them, but it has very different goals. I was told that the publisher doesn’t have the paper archive any more. I do.

The pages have been reconstructed from 600 dpi scans by adjusting the curves of each of the four channels in the CMYK color space, OCRed using ABBYY FineReader, then the resulting PDF has been descreened in Adobe Acrobat by scaling it down to 150 dpi and compressed by converting the PDF images into JPEG.

45 thoughts on “64'er 04/1984 (PDF)

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  2. Darkstar

    WOW! I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time! I, too, have a few years of this magazine, and some special issues, lying around here. Do you plan to take this further, i.e. convert other issues too? Maybe I could help out with scanning at least…

  3. Nic

    This reminds me of the PC magazin I used to buy with my allowence when I grew up in germany.

    I think I still have some issues of it that I kept as a memento when I moved.

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  4. Mark

    Yes! Nice one. Could you maybe digitize the old ASMs, too, with their gorgeous airspray’d covers?

    Dudewhatthehell: 64′er was a german computer magazine about, who’d have thought, the C-64.

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  7. alvinx

    great work, that’s awesome !

    Erinnert mich an alte Zeiten, als ich noch grasgrĂźn hinter den Ohren war ;P
    Wenn Du alte ASMs hast, dann wĂźnsch ich mir welche !

    Keep on scanning ;)

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  10. Adam Vandenberg

    Very interesting! I have pretty much the full run of “COMPUTE! Gazette”… assuming it hasn’t suffered water damage or just been thrown out by accident.

    It would be a neat project to digitize them… though I’m not sure I’d want to spend the money on a reasonable OCR package (and then the time to Do It Right.)

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  12. Christoph

    Super! Gute Arbeit!

    Wie lange hat es gedauert die ganze Zeitschrift einzuscannen und durch die Schrifterkennung zu jagen?

    Nochmal Danke fĂźr diese Gute Tat!

  13. Michael Steil

    @Christoph: FĂźr eine Seite braucht mein A3-Scanner bei 600 dpi ca. eine Minute. FĂźr die Bildoptimierung und das OCR sind nochmal jeweils ca. 1 Stunde einzuplanen, in der der Computer arbeitet.

  14. Markus

    Hi Michael,

    ich habe auch alle 64´er Zeitungen in einem guten Zustand zu Hause. Ich wßrde gern ALLE einscannen.

    Kannst Du mir ein paar Tips geben? Z.B. Welchen Scanner hast Du benutzt und welche Programme und Einstellungen in den Programmen?!

    Viele Grüße,

    PS: Toll das es immernoch Leute gibt, die sich mit den C64 beschäftigen! Respekt!

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  17. Francys

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  33. car insurance quotes

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